Ensure safety and agility in traffic of your EDI files

The solution was implanted in several automakers, systemists and auto-parts industry. SawluzNet’s scope is to enable traffic of electronic files between EDI partners in a dynamic, fast, reliable and safe manner, in accordance with the most demanding information security policies, including SARBOX.

 Through web browser, it is possible to view and identify the activity of sending and receiving messages, the traffic filtering (by partner, date, total of messages or unread messages) and the classification of traffic layout(by sending or receiving date, partner and file size), as well as a complete auditing trail that contains:


  • Partner, sender and receiver identification
  • Allows the message subject to be set up on sendingand it is generated by SawluzNet client
  • Source filename
  • File size in bytes
  • Identification of the SawluzNet user responsible for the file transmission
  • Specify starting and ending time of each upload, as well as the time spent on it
  • SawluzNet service Session ID
  • Upload ID
  • IP of the equipment used for sending the file, and the identification number of the device's hard drive
  • Number of receptions performed by the target partner
  • Date and time of start and end of each reception
  • Total time spent in the file’s reception of the file (download by receiver)
  • Download and upload traffic time

All events occurred on the client-software environment are recorded in log files using TEXT and XML through the automation application developed by Sawluz. Thus, the information is provided by SawluzNet service and, if necessary, it is used to detect and fix configuration and connectivity problems, as well as hardware or environmental upgrade.


SawluzNet Solution Advantages.
  • Cost reduction for sending and receiving messages when compared to the services of other VANs.
  • Faster and more dynamic mode for sending and receiving messages.
  • Higher control of sent and received files..
  • Convenient installation package that’s easy to deploy, manage and use.
  • High level of security for data and information exchanged.
  • Modular platform to add advanced features for new services and audit of information exchanged; these values do not exist in current services.
  • WebEDI with access and traffic totally based on safe internet.
  • Online check for inconsistencies in the content of Shipment Notices sent by suppliers, reducing typical problems in goods receipt and integration of data in corporate ERP.
  • Management reports of inconsistencies of information, enabling the detection of technical errors in products, incoherent tax classifications etc.


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