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Automotive Suite is an EDI application that meets Logistics, Commercial, Financial and Shipping sectors. Its main advantage is the possibility of integration with corporate ERP, since its focus is to ensure automation, agility and security of logistics processes of the automotive chain, which causes a gain in competitiveness and economy for auto-parts and systemists.

Composed of five independent and complementary modules, Automotive Suite is a multi-user platform that provides automatic transmission of information, different types of management reports and full control over orders, issues and production line.

As an outstanding solution, Automotive Suite offers demerit reduction, conversion of interface to provide highest visibility of EDI processes, alert readiness, and infrastructure designed to reduce manual errors to nearly zero.



The module has been tailored to meet the large daily volume concerning the reception and transmission of several processes and EDI transactions.

  • Independent connection with several VANs that meet the segment, or connection focused through SawluzNet, a service with multiple redundancy features and fully anchored in safe internet.
  • • Mapping of all EDI patterns: RND, EDIFACT, X12, VDA, ODETTE,CNAB and proprietary types.
  • General record of partners and customers with an emphasis on required parameterization, in accordance with the rules and the particularities of each case.
  • Automation of interface conversion, transmission and reception of messages.



Especially indicated for Logistics, Commercial and Shipping sectors, SW Schedule is the first EDI information processing module launched in the automotive segment. It has functionalities that leverage the relationship of our customers with their business partners. It’s a powerful tool to manage and deal with the schedules received.

  • Treatment of daily and scheduled delivery in accordance with the characteristics adopted by each customer.
  • Analysis of schedules to help increasing or decreasing deliveries.
  • Comparison between programs.
  • Management reports.
  • Facilitation of the dialog between customer and supplier, with intuitive demonstration of all programming aspects.
  • Integration with several ERPs in order to promote backlog and MRP.
  • Other specific and customized features for managing Kanban, JIT and Sequencing.



With exclusive and customized features for specific transactions, SW JIT MODULE performs the grouping of daily schedules of auto-parts and systemists that use RND012, RND018 and EDIFACT Deljit transactions and that work on the concepts Kanban and Sequencing. Thus, for each delivery window there is an specific call number, which allows a centralized view of all opened or answered calls, according to the parameters used by automakers such as Toyota, PSA, Renault, Nissan, Daimler, AGCO, John Deere, Scania, Honda, among others.



The production of EDI messages constitutes a fundamental aspect in the relationship between partners, since it is directly linked to logistics processes of delivery or collection (milk run), as well as to the availability of several items for production lines, refitting and CKD.

This module, when it automates the generation and management of warnings of shipments (ASN's ), enables the reduction of risks, in exponentially ways, of demerits applied by partners customers, making the process safer. The feature also generates standard shipping labels, which, in some cases, are directly associated with the ASNs and the audit trail built from the generation, transmission and receipt of Shipment Notice by the receiver.

The great advantage is that a single text file represents an invoice and generates ASNs in RND, EDIFACT and X12 standards, in their respective versions.



This module performs the control of sequential and not repetitive numbering, following the business rules of partners and customers, linking information on labels inside the EDI message of ASNs to be transmitted.

When used in conjunction with the SW Shipment Module, it enables the automation and the integration of billing and freight expedition sectors, adding transparency to the logistic rules and to the several EDI standards performed by automakers and systemists.

It is an amazing tool for the effective management and issuance of shipping labels, in accordance with proprietary standards. The labels follow the automakers and systemists material over the national market and abroad.


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