A “bullet-proof” solution for effective management of tax processes.

Integrated to SawluzNet service, Tax Virtual Gate is a solution specifically designed to manage the receiving, validation, Electronic Auxiliary Document (DANFE) barcode reading, storage and verification of receiving and sending XML files. It also provides control of the Electronic Invoices lifecycle through an automated, secure and uninterrupted mean.

The solution is focused on the customer’s needs and it manages all the information related to tax and accounting processes, sales, products, customers, suppliers and everything related to Electronic Invoice issuance. It has many features distributed in three modules, and it facilitates customer’s business, granting grants agility, reliability and transparency of tax processes.



This module manages all invoices related to the deliveries accomplished, measuring the daily volume of invoices received and their validity. It verifies if the Electronic Invoice is pertinent to the company and it plans the receipt of goods.

It also has a feature that enables the company to receive goods without XML file. The Electronic Invoice access key is forwarded to the Follow-Up feature, which monitors all XMLs that have any pendency and also investigates any validation error concerning the access key.



It notifies Materials and Supplies Department of the goods receipt processing time and controls the validity of Electronic Invoices received and the missing XMLs files.



By this module, email message and XML file are generated by the issuer device in response to a request from the user. When the XML file is added to SawluzNet database service, automatically the user receives a notification, ensuring the upload of only valid files.


  • Controls large flows of Electronic Invoice receipt or issuance, with no interruptions.
  • Enables key access verification in all State Secretariats of Finance into a single portal.
  • Enables Electronic Invoice status verification through Electronic Auxiliary Document (DANFE) barcode reading.
  • Verifies if the Electronic Invoice is pertinent to the company and it plans the receipt of goods.
  • Checks if the Electronic Invoice is valid or remains valid.
  • Enables the follow-up all XMLs files that are missing or have pendency.
  • Optimizes taxes and accounting departments’ operations and automates processes.
  • Reduces errors concerning information input.
  • Enables two or more companies make a joint management of Electronic Invoices.
  • • Enables companies to meet requirements and obligations imposed by Tax Authority.


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