Founded in 1989, Sawluz Informática specializes in EDI and logistics processes, developing full solutions for customers to meet the requirements of automotive and agricultural segments.

Sawluz’s team includes highly qualified Microsoft® certified professionals able to perform several models of project complexity and provide advisory on specific integration processes, Always focused on the customer’s needs.

Recognized for delivering quality products and services, transparency in relationship and merchantability, as well as its concern for continuous improvement, Sawluz is present in more than 600 companies, including automakers, systemists, manufacturers and auto-parts suppliers segments.





To manage the information flowing among our customers and partners, aiming to satisfy and meet their needs. We believe we can reach our goal by taking care of our human resources, enhancing our expertise in order to achieve excellence in services, helping our customers be more powerful and competitive


To be a Brazilian leader in EDI processes and data transmission, as well as providing high level advisory on Logistics Integration and ERP.


• Commitment to fulfill customers’ needs.
• High team spirit with responsibility and professionalism.
• Constant search for novel solutions.
• Transparency in all aspects.

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